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People are a thoroughly obnoxious bunch and I never speak to anyone unless I can help it.  
How unpleasant it is to be accosted in the street by a complete stranger, who, during a rant about his health, insists upon informing you of the poor condition of his feet.  As a keen walker, my own feet are in excellent condition, although I have no wish to discuss the matter further, still people insist on telling you their problems.
Even those people that you have known for years think that familiarity gives them the right to monopolise your time.
As I sit alone in a café drinking Turkish tea, such a person will arrive, make himself comfortable and begin spouting nonsense.  Anyone familiar with the device these people employ  will recognise that they are not interested in conversation, they seek neither reply or opinion, just to prattle aimlessly cataloguing their petty triumphs and misfortunes as well as the inevitable defects of others.
Although I nod my head in polite response as my friend continues to lecture me, I remain unaffected by his drivel, thinking only how pleasant it would be to pour boiling water into his lap or smash in his face with a housebrick.  This mechanism of distraction makes such interludes bearable, at least until the offending individual has exhausted himself, said his goodbyes and left.  Then, I will order more tea and while drinking it, spend time adjusting to the welcome departure and thus return to the gentle business of a solitary man.